DebitProtect Authorization Blocking

The new DebitProtect Authorization Blocking is a subscription-based fraud prevention service that enables issuers to add and retire customized fraud blocking rules as needed in response to changing fraud patterns and financial institutions' needs. It provides a comprehensive fraud prevention package, including real-time alerting, blocking and card auto-blocking, as well as full support through expert fraud consultation, rules pretesting and data analytics. The DebitProtect Authorization Blocking service leverages all of the technical advances and advantages of the new DebitProtect core system in one fully integrated system.

Registered DebitProtect participants may enroll in the service by submitting a signed Addendum to PULSE Subscriber's Application for Authorization Transaction Blocking for debit transactions. This document can be obtained through PULSE Account Managers. The process may take up to three weeks after the signed addendum is received. Once enrolled, PULSE DebitProtect participants may request an authorization blocking rule for debit transactions by calling PULSE Fraud Operations at 866-892-3517.

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